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analog and digital electronics projects
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a) Frequency Meter

b) LPG/CNG gas leak detector and controller.

c) Electronic eye security system

d) Solar tracking and trapping system

e) Automatic plant irrigator

f) Anti-Theft alarm for two wheelers

g) Ultrasonic Wind speed meter

h) Quality control in industrial production unit.

i) Emergency alert and notification in Bank

j) Vehicle activity analysis

k) Boiler Automatic Feed Water and Steam Level Control

l) Automatic Garden Water Irrigation Control

m) Prepaid card for petrol bunk

n) Microcontroller based fault announcement system

o) Intelligent Greenhouse

p) Race Winner Decider

q) Motor Speed Control Using PWM Technique

r) Audible Thermometer

s) Audio Communication Using Fiber Optic Cable

t) Audio system through power line (mains)

u) Digital Code Lock

v) Digital Tachometer

w) Ultrasonic Car Reversal Alarm

x) Ultrasonic Distance Meter

y) Ultrasonic Alarm For Blind People

z) Automatic wash basin
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a) Dc power supply +v

b) Dc power supply +v
c) Vehicle key reminder

d) Soft starter for threephase induction motor

e) Industrial access control

f) Chimney control

g) Lpg gas leakage sensing and alarm

h) Over voltage and under voltage controller

i) Over current control

j) Earth leakage detector

k) Automatic wash basin

l) Automatic flush out

m) Automatic street light on/off control

n) Fire detection and alaram

o) Power failure indicator

p) Single phase preventer

q) Light dim & dip control for auto mobile

r) Powerline intercom
s) Lux meter

t) Red eye with secure camera

u) Eprom eraser

v) Fridge door alaram

w) Load supply monitor & indicator

x) Human pulse indicator

y) Post box alaram

z) Rf based wireless switch for four appliances

aa) Object detection & vibration alert for blind

bb) Universal motor speed control with motor

cc) Low level indicator

dd) High level indicator

ee) Ecg monitor through cro

ff) Coin based mobile charger

gg) Pc to pc laser communication

hh) Pc to pc ir communication

ii) Respiration alaram

jj) Electronic stethescope

kk) Solid state voice recorder and playback system

ll) Level monitor with tank

mm) Yarn breakage detector with mechanical model

nn) Wireless curtain opener with model

oo) Camera based security system

pp) Timer for cooking

qq) Automatic pumping system with tank & pump

rr) Switchless calling bell

ss) Clap switch

tt) Sensor operated escalator for up with model

uu) Laser sequrity alarm for house

vv) Automatic lubricant unit with tank & pump

ww) Tea/coffee vending machine with model

xx) Drips alaram

yy) Mobile phone sniffer

zz) Security fail switch on tv and image capture

aaa) Cyclo converter

bbb) Door bell flasher for the deaf

ccc) Sound level monitor

ddd) At keyboard checker

eee) PC based temperature indicator

fff) Temperature controller

ggg) IR remote controller unit

hhh) Automatic room controller

iii) IC Tester

jjj) Moving Message Display
kkk) Dc power supply +, +v

lll) Dc power supply +v,+/-v

mmm) Curtain open/close system with model

nnn) Dc v industrial dc motor speed control(with motor)

ooo) Humidity monitor

ppp) Air velocity monitor

qqq) Electronic circuit breaker

rrr) Pc to pc communication through optical fiber cable

sss) Black colour identification

ttt) Electronic gardner

uuu) Grinder controller

vvv) Digital thermometer

www) Over heat controller

xxx) Rain indicator

yyy) Water vending machine with valve & tank

zzz) Automatic coolent pump for lathe with pump & tank

aaaa) Ac voltage monitor

bbbb) Ac current monitor

cccc) Temperature monitor

dddd) Temperature Recording System

eeee) Automatic Railway Controlling System

ffff) Programmable Motor Speed Control

gggg) Wireless Speed (Motion) Controller for Stepper Motor

hhhh) Wireless Motor Speed Control (Universal Motor)

iiii) Power Saving Using Time Operated Electrical Appliances Controlling System

jjjj) Watchman Work Efficiency/Auto Alert Checking System(it is used to monitor the watchman alertness through out Day/Night Time)

kkkk) Water Level Controller

llll) Voltage/Current Scanning Recording and Control System
mmmm) Digital IC tester

nnnn) Single phase load sharing system

oooo) Attendance card system

pppp) Digital clock / hrs

qqqq) Advertising board using LCD

rrrr) Advertising board using LED

ssss) Automatic irrigation system

tttt) College bell

uuuu) Preset counter

vvvv) Digital ON display timer

wwww) Digital OFF display timer

xxxx) Object counter

yyyy) Stepper motor controller

zzzz) Stepper motor RPM Monitor

aaaaa) Digital Energy Meter

bbbbb) Controller Based Water Level Controller

ccccc) Office Automation System

ddddd) Fire Monitoring Control System

eeeee) Capacitance Meter

fffff) Digital Volume Control

ggggg) Electrical appliances controlling system using RF remote

hhhhh) PC to PC data communication

iiiii) PC to PC communication using FM

jjjjj) PC to PC communication using AM

kkkkk) PC based seven segment rolling display

lllll) RS interface for A/D converter

mmmmm) RS interface for D/A converter

nnnnn) Parallel port interface for A/D converter

ooooo) Parallel port interface for D/A converter

ppppp) PC based oscilloscope

qqqqq) PC based moving message display
rrrrr) Automatic Railway Gate Controlling System

sssss) Wireless Multipoint Voltage Reading System

ttttt) Home Monitoring System ( it senses and indicate the following Security fire Water over Flow High Voltage Low Voltage Electrical shock etc)

uuuuu) Automatic PF Controlling / Improvement System

vvvvv) Wireless security system Using Wireless IR Sensor

wwwww) Multi Channel Wireless Remote control System

xxxxx) Voting Machine

yyyyy) Digital calendar (Day, Date, Year)

zzzzz) College / Industry Programmable Bell System

aaaaaa) Advertisement System

bbbbbb) Traffic light Controller

cccccc) Rotating dish antenna model

dddddd) Black box for car

eeeeee) Programmable timer

ffffff) PC as volt meter / Counter / Tacho meter / Temperature indicator

gggggg) Fixed regulated power supply

hhhhhh) Variable power supply

iiiiii) Battery charger

jjjjjj) Invertor

kkkkkk) Burglar alarm

llllll) Emergency light using CFL

mmmmmm) Fire alarm

nnnnnn) PC based transistor LED identifier

oooooo) Low cost LCD frequency meter

pppppp) AT C-based count down timer

qqqqqq) PC based remote controlled stepper motor

rrrrrr) Water purifier

ssssss) Ozone generator

tttttt) RF data transmitter and receiver

uuuuuu) Frequency counter

vvvvvv) Automatic three phase change over

wwwwww) Automatic submersible pump controller

xxxxxx) Function generator

yyyyyy) Automatic room light controller

zzzzzz) Automatic street light controller

aaaaaaa) OPAMP tester

bbbbbbb) Power factor correction

ccccccc) Automatic rain meter

ddddddd) -D surround sound system

eeeeeee) AVR Micro controller based clock

fffffff) Remote controlled Land Rover-A DIY Robotic project

ggggggg) Fastest finger -first using micro controller
hhhhhhh) Water level controller cum motor protector

iiiiiii) Auto controller for petrol run power generator

jjjjjjj) Design your own infnaned remote
kkkkkkk) Smart Fluid level indicator

lllllll) Smoke alarm

mmmmmmm) Water level controller

nnnnnnn) Total industrial safety control system

ooooooo) UPS

ppppppp) Object counter

qqqqqqq) Preset counter

rrrrrrr) Distance measurement using ultrasonic signal

sssssss) Smoke alarm

ttttttt) Production monitoring system

uuuuuuu) Cell Phone operated domestic control system

vvvvvvv) Energy meter

wwwwwww) Maximum demand indicator

xxxxxxx) Ozone generator

yyyyyyy) Negative iron generator

zzzzzzz) Remote controlled Real time clock with device controller

aaaaaaaa) Micro controller based infraned tracking Robot

bbbbbbbb) Wireless messaging via mobile/landline phone

cccccccc) PC based dual dc motor controller

dddddddd) Stand alone digital clock

eeeeeeee) Parrellel port interfacing and programming aid

ffffffff) Micro controller based alarm clock

gggggggg) Simple PC -based digital sound level meter

hhhhhhhh) Temperature indicator cum controller

iiiiiiii) Micro controller based tachometer

jjjjjjjj) Micro controller based tugging circuit for SCR phase control

kkkkkkkk) Parrellel -port testing and programming aid

llllllll) Micro controller based code lock

mmmmmmmm) Auto Switch for TV

nnnnnnnn) Remotely programmable RTC interfaced micro controller for multiple device control

oooooooo) Digital Weight Accumulator

pppppppp) Stepper motor Controller using ATC

qqqqqqqq) Quiz buzzer

rrrrrrrr) Two channel PC based oscilloscope

ssssssss) Micro Controller based automatic flush system

tttttttt) Digital phase selector

uuuuuuuu) Micro controller based I directional visitor counter

vvvvvvvv) PICF-based digital thermometer

wwwwwwww) Buzzer controller for team quiz contests

xxxxxxxx) Micro controller based ultrasonic distance meter

yyyyyyyy) Micro controller based temperature indicator

zzzzzzzz) Micro controller based DC motor speed controller

aaaaaaaaa) Token number display

bbbbbbbbb) Micro controller based capacitance meter

ccccccccc) Multiple device switching through parallel port

ddddddddd) Micro controller based heart rate meter
eeeeeeeee) Micro controller based industrial Timer

fffffffff) Digital Voltmeter

ggggggggg) Micro controller based graphic display

hhhhhhhhh) Stepper motor control using VC++P

iiiiiiiii) PC based automatic time manager p

jjjjjjjjj) Interfacing a graphics LCD with micro controller

kkkkkkkkk) Energy saver for welding transformer

lllllllll) Secured Room Access System

mmmmmmmmm) Digital beart beat counter

nnnnnnnnn) Low-cost versatile timer using ATC
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Motor soft starter

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