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Bug tracking system
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Bug Tracking System is the system which enable to detect the bugs. It not merely detects the bugs but provides the complete information regarding bugs detected.
Bug Tracking System ensures the user of it who needs to know about a provide information regarding the identified bug. Using this no bug will be unfixed in the developed application.
The developer develops the project as per customer requirements. In the testing phase the tester will identify the bugs. Whenever the tester encounter Ëœnâ„¢ number of bugs he adds the bug id and information in the database.
The tester reports to both project manager and developer. The bug details in the database table are accessible to both project manager and developer.

When a customer puts request or orders for a product to be developed. The project manager is responsible for adding users to Bus Tracking System and assigning projects to the users.
The project manager assigns projects to the developers. The developer develops the projects as per customer requirements. The project manager itself assigns the developed applications to the Testers for testing. The tester tests the application and identify the bugs in the application.
When the tester encounter Ëœnâ„¢ no. of bugs, he generates a unique id number for each individual bug. The bug information along with its id are mailed to the project manager and developer. This is Bug Report. These are stored in the database. This is useful for further reference.
Bug information includes the bug id, bug name, bug priority, project name, bug location, bug type.
This whole process continues until all the bugs are got fixed in the application.
The bug report is mailed to the project manager and the developer as soon as the bug is identified. This makes that no error will go unfixed because of poor communication. It makes ensure that anyone who needs to know about a bug can learn of it soon after it is reported.
Bug Tracking System plays an vital role in the testing phase. But it supports assigning projects for the developer, tester by the project manager. The Bug Tracking System maintains the different users separately i.e., it provides separate environments for project manager, developer and tester.
Existing System:
In the existing system, the project manager assigns the projects to the developers. The developers develops the projects as per customer requirements. The project manager itself assign the developed applications to the tester for testing. In the testing phase, when the tester encounters no. of bugs then he reports to the project manager and developer about the bug information.
Bottlenecks of the Existing System:
The tester report which is called Bug Report is in the form of physical document. If the document is damaged then the total information about the bug will be lost.
The bug information is not stored in the database for future reference.
Proposed System:
The purpose of the Bug Tracking System is to test the application for the bugs and report it to the project manager and developer. The main intention behind the Bug Tracking System is that to track bugs and report them. Store the bug information with a unique id in the database for future reference. So, this makes the job of handling the bugs easy.

Objectives of the Bug Tracking System:
The main objectives of the Bug Tracking System are:
Identifying the bugs in the developed application.
No bug will be unfixed in the developed application.
Not merely identifying the bugs but also providing the bug information.
As soon as the bugs are identified. They are reported to the project manager and developer.
To ensure that who needs to know about the bug can learn soon after it is reported.
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For Bug Tracking, Change management, Support and Help Desk

Introduction - Bug Tracking System (BTS)

Successful bug tracking has a direct correlation upon the success of software development projects. Your company’s reputation relies on delivering usable software that is delivered on-time, on-budget and with high quality. Choosing an issue tracking system is a crucial decision for every organization. Within even one small project it is often necessary to track various types of issues, such as bugs, documentation changes, and support requests. Various issue types may have different sets of states and transition rules. For example, a software tester is supposed to verify bugs, while a proofreader should control the documentation quality. The system should ensure that the software tester does not get the task of proofreading a text by mistake. BTS, by RDBS, is bug-tracking software that facilitates customer requirements tracking, bug tracking and project management.

Introduction - How can BTS help your project?

Record bugs in a project.
Support concurrent access to bug reports by multiple users.
Support multiple projects.
Assign responsibilities, access and privileges to users for each project.
Present unique views for developers, testers and managers.
Estimate, assign and track the work required to resolve and test bugs.
Sort, print and generate reports on bugs by priority, type and other properties.
Track the time required for Task completion.
Determine release dates based on bug detection and resolution statistics.
Automatically maintain the history of each bug.

Introduction - Bug Tracking System (BTS)

BTS is a hierarchical issue tracking and bug tracking system, created specifically for software development companies. Effective change and issue tracking requires much more than simple bug tracking, it requires the management of all types of issues.
 BTS is used to manage product development by focusing effort on the tasks required to efficiently bring the project to completion. Developers, testers and managers use it to record and track the progress of defects (bugs), problems and new features.

Features - (BTS)

BTS is normally used in a team environment that contains multiple users, multiple projects and a customized data collection and workflow process. Most BTS features are user configurable to match the specific needs of an organization or user. Follows will highlight the main features of BTS.

Complete Tracking Solution
Track data within the software more accurately.
Track bugs, feature requests, enhancements, tasks, user suggestions, customers, users, user groups, and test configurations or any other project-related, business, or technical issue you need to track and manage.
Identify your bugs and other development assignments in BTS.
Required fields ensure correct level of detail

Customizable Workflows
Customize issue fields to match your process and terminology; define your own Bug states, priority and severity.
Assign issues to users.
Customize field values to meet your company's needs

Ease of use
Structure, navigation, naming are all so simple, so consistent, and so sensible that most users can master the program in about an hour.
BTS is a compact, easy-to-learn Tracking and project management software that helps any business or work group define projects, assign tasks, streamline work flow, communicate among team members, assure accountability, track problems and keep records.
Easy reporting of your projects, problems, and tasks.
Easy to deploy, easy to setup, easy to administer

Create multiple projects
Track defects on a project-by-project basis
Multi-user access to project data
Per-project customizations
Defect/Issue History
Put quality control statistics at your fingertips.
All changes to projects, tasks, and problems are tracked in our audit history.
See specific statistics such as, who reported the most bugs, how many are still open, or how much time a user spent fixing bugs?
See defect history logs--who found, fixed, and verified it--all of the details are available.

Effective Communication Tool
Streamline your process with automatic defect assignments based on defect state and content.
Automatically notify users of bug assignments, new bugs, changes, etc. using internal notification system.
Quickly identify new bugs, changed bugs, and your assigned bugs using visual defect indicators.
Link engineers, testers, managers, and tech writers together so no one falls out of the loop.
Automatically notify team members when defects are assigned to them.
BTS assures that all project members are in a communication loop.
With advanced query features, and reports, everyone on the team (developers, technical writers, testers, users, and project managers) are aware of outstanding problems and tasks that are assigned to them and require attention.

Time Saving Features
Defer numbering defects until you review them.
Define the starting defect number in a project file.
Quickly go directly to a bug by its bug number.
Built-in Reporting
Quickly print or preview reports.
Customizable detail, list, distribution, and trend reports.
Generate and view reports on screen.
Save reports to text files.
Use predefined reports using Crystal Reports.
Export reports to a variety of formats (including Excel, Word, Rich Text Format, and PDF)

Supports the following report formats:
Detail - Prints everything about an item, which can be a defect, user, user group, etc. You select which item BTS reports on.
Distribution - Prints the distribution of defects by user or test configuration. For example, show the defects assigned to each user by priority.
Trend - Prints defect actions over time. For example, show how many defects have been fixed by week.
List - Prints summary information about an item--you select the fields to include. See only the information important to you.
Define users and user groups
Enable and disable features
Restrict access to specific views
Password security limits access to your database.
Command-level security limits, which commands a group of users can execute.
Defect-level security limits, which defects are visible to each group of users.
Server logging records unusual activity as well as critical and non-critical system issues.

Fore more

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What type of bug can be reported?
Give 20 bug examples
what is mean by Bug priority ?
How to prioritize bugs?
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can u give me source code...of this project
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to get information about the topic"Bug tracking system" refer the link bellow
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The proposed system organizes the data effectively. The Bug Tracking for Improving Software Quality and Reliability is a web based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. This system can be used for logging Bugs against an application/module, assigning Bugs to individuals and tracking the Bugs to resolution. This system can be used as an application for the any software based (IT) company to reduce the Bugs in software’s quality and reliability. User logging should be able to upload the information of the user.

User Maintenance module:
This module is for Creating, Granting & Revoking access and deleting users from application.
Component Maintenance module:
This module is used for Creating a component (application being developed / enhanced), Granting & Revoking access on components to Users and Marking a component as “Active” or “Closed”.
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Bug tracking system

The project entitles â€oeBug Tracking Tool―, Evaluating a bug tracking system requires that you understand how specific features, such as configurable workflow and customizable fields, relate to your requirements and your current bug tracking process. Using our bug tracking software will enable you to manage your project's bug (s) and defect (s) more efficiently. This will result in better response time to your users and avoid task redundancy. Our software will help your development and testing team by increasing their control over system development. Imagine having all of your data in the same place, being able to access it from anywhere in the world. You will know at a glance how many issues are in your account, how many are in progress, how many are closed. You will have a better overview of your project's development status. Furthermore, our tool has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind and you always get Unlimited Users and Unlimited Projects. We pride ourselves in providing fast and courteous support to all of our customers, your questions or comments will be responded to quickly, usually within minutes. MODULES that comes under this project is  BUGS  EMPLOYEES  PRIORITIES  PROJECTS  STATUSES
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to get information about the topic "bug tracking system" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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