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ppl can u please help abt the topic for the seminars....
I needed a ppt or a pdf for the same..
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visit this thread for more details on captcha:
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ppl can u please help abt the topic for the seminars....
I needed a ppt or a pdf for the same..(CAPTCHA)
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visit these threads for reports and ppt on captcha:
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.doc  CAPTCHA.doc (Size: 297.5 KB / Downloads: 0)


You're trying to sign up for a free email service offered by Gmail or Yahoo. Before you can submit your application, you first have to pass a test. It's not a hard test -- in fact, that's the point. For you, the test should be simple and straightforward. But for a computer, the test should be almost impossible to solve.
This sort of test is a CAPTCHA. They're also known as a type of Human Interaction Proof (HIP). You've probably seen CAPTCHA tests on lots of Web sites. The most common form of CAPTCHA is an image of several distorted letters. It's your job to type the correct series of letters into a form. If your letters match the ones in the distorted image, you pass the test.
CAPTCHAs are short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The term "CAPTCHA" was coined in 2000 by Luis Von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper (all of Carnegie Mellon University, and John Langford (then of IBM). They are challenge-response tests to ensure that the users are indeed human. The purpose of a CAPTCHA is to block form submissions from spam bots – automated scripts that harvest email addresses from publicly available web forms. A common kind of CAPTCHA used on most websites requires the users to enter the string of characters that appear in a distorted form on the screen.


The proliferation of the publicly available services on the Web is a boon for the community at large. But unfortunately it has invited new and novel abuses. Programs (bots and spiders) are being created to steal services and to conduct fraudulent transactions. Some examples:
• Free online accounts are being registered automatically many times and are being used to distribute stolen or copyrighted material.
• Recommendation systems are vulnerable to artificial inflation or deflation of rankings. For example, EBay, a famous auction website allows users to rate a product. Abusers can easily create bots that could increase or decrease the rating of a specific product, possibly changing people’s perception towards the product.
• Spammers register themselves with free email accounts such as those provided by Gmail or Hotmail and use their bots to send unsolicited mails to other users of that email service.
• Online polls are attacked by bots and are susceptible to ballot stuffing. This gives unfair mileage to those that benefit from it.
In light of the above listed abuses and much more, a need was felt for a facility that checks users and allows access to services to only human users. It was in this direction that such a tool like CAPTCHA was created.

Types of CAPTCHAs

These are simple to implement. The simplest yet novel approach is to present the user with some questions which only a human user can solve. Examples of such questions are:
1. What is twenty minus three?
2. What is the third letter in UNIVERSITY?
3. Which of Yellow, Thursday and Richard is a colour?
4. If yesterday was a Sunday, what is today?
Such questions are very easy for a human user to solve, but it’s very difficult to program a computer to solve them. These are also friendly to people with visual disability – such as those with colour blindness.
Other text CAPTCHAs involves text distortions and the user is asked to identify the text hidden.


CAPTCHAs are used in various Web applications to identify human users and to restrict access to them.
Some of them are:

Online Polls:

As mentioned before, bots can wreak havoc to any unprotected online poll. They might create a large number of votes which would then falsely represent the poll winner in spotlight. This also results in decreased faith in these polls. CAPTCHAs can be used in websites that have embedded polls to protect them from being accessed by bots, and hence bring up the reliability of the polls.

Protecting Web Registration:

Several companies offer free email and other services. Until recently, these service providers suffered from a serious problem – bots. These bots would take advantage of the service and would sign up for a large number of accounts. This often created problems in account management and also increased the burden on their servers. CAPTCHAs can effectively be used to filter out the bots and ensure that only human users are allowed to create accounts.

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