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Digital Smell Full Seminar Report Download
Post: #26
Sir send me the rar extraction password.please
Post: #27
please sir send me the password for digital smell.
Post: #28
please give the encrypted password of the topic digtal smell.This topic is good and i have also downloaded its ppt file but all this will be gone in vain if i dont get the password.
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(25-04-2009 12:31 PM)Computer Science Clay Wrote:  Read Little More Now

[Image: _42192296_aromatherapy_spl_300.jpg]
Wafts of fried beef and onions, the rich smell of Japanese curry and even the obnoxious smell of rotten eggs all mingle together in the cramped room.

But the stench is not the product of an absent-minded professor surrounded by the detritus of late night snacks snatched during marathon experiments.

Instead, the aromas are intimately tied to the Professor's work.

Based at the School of Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Professor Nakamoto is building a range of gadgets and sensors which sniff, mix and pump out a range of hundreds of scents.

Fruity fragrance

One of the most ambitious devices his team has built is a sophisticated "odour recorder" which can sniff an object and then reproduce its smell using a host of chemicals.

If you present the recorder with a shiny red apple, the electronic nose will take a cursory sniff, analyse the odour and then draw up a recipe of chemicals needed to recreate it.

The odour recorder uses a neural network to learn fragrance recipes

When you want to replay the scent, the device mixes the ingredients and pumps the smell of apples back at you.

"Our intention is to make all smells reproducible," Professor Nakamoto said. "So, in this case we have combined two techniques: smell detection and smell generation."

At the moment, the prototype can only reproduce certain fragrances, including apples, bananas, oranges and lemons.
[Image: _42192188_odour_recorder203b.jpg]
But synthesising billions of different smells is still problematic, the professor admits. There is not a small number of "primary" odours from which all others can be created.

Instead, Professor Nakamoto and his team have to load the machine with nearly a hundred vials of chemicals, chosen according to the target odour, which the machine mixes in varying concentrations.
Generating smells for virtual reality environments is a hot topic
Takamichi Nakamoto

The device does not necessarily mix the right recipe on its first attempt. Instead, it learns the correct ingredients list by comparing the analysis of the target scent with more and more refined concoctions.

The machine "learns" recipes using a neural network, a collection of computer processors that function in a similar way to a simple animal brain.

Spicy scent

The system is already attracting interest from the scent industry. As the professor excitedly showed off his gadgets, two executives from a large Japanese fragrance firm eagerly watched.

Eventually, an odour recorder could replace the perfume industry's "professional noses", people with an acute sense of smell whose job it is to oversee the consistency of batches of scents. The flavour industry is interested, too.
[Image: _42192198_nakamoto203b.jpg]
When you present something together with smell then memory is enhanced
Takamichi Nakamoto

Other possible uses include online shopping where customers could sniff fresh goods before they buy, or helping doctors to diagnose patients from afar.

"Generating smells for virtual reality environments is a hot topic, too," said Prof Nakamoto.

Although not virtual reality, his team has recently exhibited a computer game that generates scents to match the onscreen action.

It is a relatively simple cooking game, where users wearing a mask add virtual ingredients to an onscreen frying pan to rustle up a Japanese curry.

As you add the butter and onions, realistic scents are pumped through the mask. In turn, garlic, meat and spice aromas complete the overall dish.


Professor Nakamoto admitted the demonstration is relatively frivolous but said the concept could be important for enhancing e-learning.

"When you present something together with smell then memory is enhanced," he said.

"For example, a student learning English may be presented with the word apple. If that is presented with the smell, too, it would be easier to remember."

Players of the cooking game add ingredients to a virtual frying pan

"Smellovision", tried and tested many times since the 1940s and recently demonstrated in a Japanese cinema accompanying Colin Farrell's film The New World, could also finally enter the mainstream.

Professor Nakamoto's team has augmented a sequence from the Japanese hit animation film Spirited Away.

A scene where the main character's parents gorge themselves on food before being transformed into pigs was enhanced with the smells of Chinese food, tofu and eventually the whiff of a pigsty.

A questionnaire circulated to viewers showed that they paid more attention to the scenes with smells.

"With this kind of technique we could also add smells to TV or DVDs."

At the moment, the kit is still very large and not the kind of thing that you would have in the corner of your lounge, but Professor Nakamoto is convinced it could be miniaturised.

And if that happens, it could bring a whole new dimension to television, particularly extended sumo bouts or the more fragrant aspects of some natural history shows.

Post: #30
hey teel me the passward to access it
Post: #31
hallo sir i want to know the internal mechanism.plz send it.
Post: #32
its internal mechanism , not yet disclosed

any way read this

The inspiration for the Aromascan machine came from a biochemist, Krishna Persaud, who set out in 1984 to create a model of the human nose. This highly sophisticated organ has 30 different types of sensors, with millions of sensors working in parallel. Each sensor can absorb a range of smell molecules on to its surface producing an overlapping response. The information from each sensor is fed to the olfactory bulb, which merges it and produces a pattern of the smell molecules that have been absorbed. It then refers the pattern to the brain, which checks it against its smell memory and says, in effect: 'Yes. I have smelt that before. It's a rose.'
The basis of the Aromascan instrument is a range of conducting polymers, which, like the human sensors, trap smell molecules in their surface structure. This alters the polymer's ability to conduct electricity, and the resulting alteration in signal can be analysed to produce the electronic signature of each smell.This is then matched against a database of smells. The device can be set up to make fine distinctions - for example between Mysore and Brazilian roasts of coffee beans - or for simpler tasks, such as determining whether food is fresh or stale.
The Aromascan instrument can be plugged into any personal computer. The software that analyses the data is a neural network, which learns to identify Brazilian coffee beans or whatever by being exposed to several samples of the bean and building up a database of smells in the same way as the brain.Mr Persaud found the first smell-absorbing polymer through a chance reference in a scientific paper. Since he joined forces with Peter Payne at Umist in 1986, however, a library of 50 polymers has been developed and patented. Professor Payne has become technical director of Aromascan

digitising smells, creating the first electronic nose to equal the power of the human organ. Smells can now be faxed or transmitted by computer, an advance that will transform quality control by allowing food companies, perfume houses or drinks manufacturers to assess freshness, aroma and suitability of ingredients well before they are delivered to the factory.
The development provides the first objective measure of smells, and can monitor the whiff from pig farms, sewage works or chemical factories. The equipment can also be used to detect fires and to monitor wound healing.Users of the technology, developed at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (Umist), include Coca-Cola, Ford, the European Space Agency, Whitbread, the Brewing Research Institute, water companies, a Japanese grain processing company and the Food Research Association.The company, Aromascan, was spun out of the university in March, and it is planning a full stock market listing later this year.
Post: #33
However, the current information technology is still unable to break the sense of smell, taste and touch, to smell it, to break through the technical bottleneck of this sensory organ is that we must first understand how humans can "smell" flavor, the key is in the air particles , passed to his nose inside and then smell the taste, so the sense of smell digital equipment, is to do to receive particle data, and bring them to digital and digital sense of smell should also be able to taste the particles derive from the information

Read Some industrial Disclose about Digital Smell

Human beings are equipped with visual, hearing, smell, taste and ability to touch the five senses through the visual and auditory communication can be more than 55% of the message to the other, and still there were still 45% of the information is provided by the human taste, smell and touch afford. If human beings can "five sense" together to achieve real-time transmission to achieve "virtual reality" It is just how exciting things.

Imagine you are watching the war films, the taste of smoke, bullets whistling pass by the sound ... ... as if you are a brave warrior in the battlefield on the gallop. Unfortunately, now you can just seated to watch the kind of smoke flavor can only rely on your imagination to complete.

In order to achieve an extension of the human sense of smell, national research institutes are working on the spread of odors. Toyota exhibition hall in Tokyo, there is a small movie theater, where the smell and movie images with real-time passed to the gallery audience. Example, the actor and actress movie pass by, the kind of women's fragrance will also be immediately passed to the audience. Although this is not part of communication transmission, but the attempt to pass on the way in terms of smell is greatly improved.

Have to achieve in the communication transfer images, sounds and smells of the simultaneous transmission more difficult. Through the three primary colors of light theory can reproduce almost all the colors out of realization of image transmission, while the sense of smell may be far from the constituent elements of information, not so simple. This requires odor sensors and odor synthesis technology. First felt by the smell the smell of sensor digitization of the data transmitted via the Internet, the recipient and through scent synthesizer will be to restore the odor out.

Japan's Shiseido company is developing a perfume scent through the network transmission devices. It required the user through the computer to confirm the smell, and then specify the specific device emitting a smell.

France Telecom is also studying the transmission through the network odor research. Need to connect your computer already contains a variety of scented "aroma generator", a user clicks on the site shown on perfume samples, will receive one of the sample information, then can use the "aroma generator" smell the smell of.

The nation's largest computer products exhibition "COMDEX" scent transfer samples on display there. This is called "iSmell" Synthesis of smell a bit like a shark fin devices, single-shape is very special, it built a variety of odor sources, cassette, by the composition of a variety of odor to achieve a variety of flavor, as the combination of the three primary colors of light theory to achieve the same odor combination.

If the human sense of smell can be extended to the network, it would be very meaningful. For example, in class looking Herbarium, the smell of plant names and learning together will greatly enhance the learning efficiency; in the hospital early in the evenings the smell of different distributed to regain up to the long-term hospitalized patients, but also to achieve medical fragrance therapy; in cosmetics advertising, also allows customers a variety of real-feel the flavor; in the game, the battlefield, the smell of smoke will greatly stimulate the game realism
Post: #34
Plz send rar extraction password.

(07-04-2009 08:48 PM)computer science crazy Wrote:  Digital Smell

Abstract :

The technology has so far targeted mainly our sense of sight and sound. To further enhance the virtual reality experience and another flavor to it, technology is now targeting your nose and tongue.
The application area of virtual reality is vast- from normal entertainment to the Internet and e-commerce application. You will be able to smell product before buying them online.
California-based Digiscents Inc. has developed the iSmell personal scent synthesizer. This small device connects through your pc via serial port and has its own driver.

Full Seminar Report Download
Post: #35
please the rar extraction code
was mistakenly loose
could you possible to upolad the file in to
Post: #36
please send the rar extraction password
Post: #37
i said you, please read all the pages related with Digital Smell
Post: #38
what is the password?
Post: #39
atlast i unrared and uploaded document (doc) and presentation ( ppt ) each here download it each
Post: #40
thank you electrical fan for the new working download link
Post: #41
i need the password please send
Post: #42
see ppt doc wouldnt you ask password?

please dont download the rar file keep to download the ppt and doc file
it will unlock
Post: #43
hi sir,
i doing my M.phil seminars in digital smell processing, if you give the password of the rar file,it is a big help for me
my id is arun_2186[at]
thank you sir

Post: #44
please separately download the contents in the rar file

then what you need password?
Post: #45
thankz 4 loading the files...
digital smell file is protected.
need key to open it. plz help...

Post: #46
please dont download the rar file, please download the ppt (presentation) and doc (report) file,seperatly ,
use this url for that (only registered users can download)
Post: #47
can you snd me the new application oriented seminars topics with report
Post: #48
all are application oriented and new, whats your interest, and field
Post: #49
whats in the rar file is attached separately, download the MSWORD Report And Presentation

by clicking the above link so , no need of rar file download,,,

hope you understand
Post: #50
guys plz i need password for digital smell....can u give me...

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