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Electronics Electrical instrumentation Project idea list
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1. Home Appliances through T.V. Remote.
2. Home Appliances through T.V. Remote with Dimmer and Ventilation.
3. 7 segment Display board controlled by Micro-controller or PC.
4. Complete Remote control for Appliances using landline Telephone.
5. Automatic Power saving using Micro-controller Temp controller and light Controller.
6. ATM machine with copier.(E-check)
7. ATMEL Programmer (AT89C2051).
8. Automatic Micro-controller Based monitoring and controlling OR virtual
9. Instrumentation Based on 8051/52.
10. Tripping sequencer cum Recorder PC Based and Scheduler.
11. SMS Remote Switch / Controlled Switch using (AT89C51/52).
12. Speed control of DC Shunt motor using Micro-controller
13. Automation and Saving of Power for 30/ motor (<120HP). and AD converter.
14. Stepper motor control using parallel post PC Base.
15. Stepper motor control using serial port PC & Micro controller Base.
16. Green house / Temp & Humidity monitor & controlling using Micro controller Base.
17. Micro controller Base Temp monitor / controller.
18. Micro controller Base moisture monitor & controller.
19. PC as CRO And signal store Using CPP and ADC.
20. RF Transceiver module control D.C. Shunt motor.
21. T.V. remote and RF Transceiver module controlled robot.
22. PC-PC Communication using RF Transceiver module.
23. Hart Beat monitor For 5 Min. Timer and LCD Display.
24. SCADA system Using AT89C51/52 For Eight Analog And Device control.
25. Speed control of one Phase motor using Micro controller.
26. Speed control of 3-phase motor using Micro controller.
27. Micro controller Base Class status display using (AT89C51/52/53/55).
28. Micro controller Base intelligent traffic or adaptive traffic Controller.
29. Home Appliances control using telephone line.
30. PC-PC Communication using introduced link.
31. Remote code analyzes and PC parameter control using TV.
32. PC and CKT acts as T.V. Remote & VCR Remote.
33. Touch Screen Monitor using VB6 And AT89C51/52 ( IR BASE)
34. Partial Automation of Escalator Along with Solar energy as power source.
35. Home Appliances control with intensity and speed.
36. Micro controller given account data display.
37. Energy prepaid card using Micro controller.
38. ATM Machine Interface with PC (stand-alone).
39. Animated Rolling Display (LED).
40. IR code Analyzer (FOR 25 TV Remote ).
41. Motor cycle theft alarm and No. of functions.
42. Serial and parallel port interface card.
43. Access control system (Security system password base).
44. Elevator OR Rolling steps controller.
45. Tree phase starter cum energy saver (Star to Delta Converter).
46. Line follower robot.
47. Complete remote control for home appliance through F.M. remote.
48. Automated guided vehicle (RF Transceiver module, IR OR PC Interface).
49. Control area network Through Micro controller.
50. Electronics Gardening Cum Green Embedded.
51. Audio-Meter. (Check db level)
52. RF Transceiver module control A.C. motor with rpm control.
53. Annunciater system.
54. P.C.B. drilling machine .
55. 3 PH Induction motor Protection. (One phase priveanter, Soft ON, Soft
56. OFF, Controlled by TEMP. And Current, Manual and automatic Controls editable).
57. Automation Bio “Diesel System.
58. Micro controller base Bank security system .
59. RF Transceiver module based Toll Tax.
60. Automatic control of sprinkler with editable facility.
61. SMS and telephone control home appliances.
62. PC Base (Interface) D.C. Shunt Motor controlled with RPM locking.
63. Scheduling of collage BELL with editable facility.
64. Wireless Robot using IR Remote with Arm.
65. Wireless Robot FM Base with PC interface DC motor with arm.
66. Wireless Robot FM with PC interface stepper motor.
67. FM Robot with Arm & Temp monitor.
68. Robot to find maximum light intensity using Micro-controller and DC motors.
69. Robot to find maximum light intensity using PC parallel port.
70. Robotic Arm.
71. Robot Path Finder.
72. Wireless Robot (IR link) Bi-directional using Micro-controller And P.C.
73. Speed Control of AC and DC Motor.
74. Electromagnetic sheering machine.
75. Automated guided vehicle with split platform.
76. Caterpillar robot with lifting arm.
77. Automation Of Industrial Appliances By Micro-controller.
78. Automation Of Industrial Appliances By PC.
79. Water level Indicator.
80. Atomization Water Level System.
81. Speed Controlled Of DC Shunt/Compound Motor Through IR Remote.
82. RPM Locking Using Micro-controller.
83. Industrial Automation through PC.
84. Home Appliances Control through PC.
85. ADAPTIVE Traffic controller using PC.
86. Wireless data login and controlling.
87. Wireless Bia directional robot.
88. Telephone (DTMF) base and Computer base Appliances controller.
90. Thermometer Programmer ( DS1621 ).
91. EEPROM COPIER, Verifier, Eraser.
[ 24C01 , 24C02 , 24C04 , 24C08 , 24C016 ]
94. Wireless Prepaid Energy Meter.
95. Printer Driver For DOT-MATRIX Using AT89S52.
96. Library Management using ID cards.
97. Train Collisuion system.
98. Sms Control Home appliances through PC (VB OR C).
99. Speed checker For Highway through Wireless and PC.
100. PIC Programmer.
101. AVR Programmer.
102. ISP Programmer.
103. Moisture and temp. controlled Through PC And Micro-controller.
104. Analog Speech Security Systems For telephone and mobile.
105. Stepper Motor Controller by Clay.
106. LCD frequency meter by micro controller.
107. Helping hand. Using Ultrasonic.
108. Automatic Charge Parking Meter.
109. Solar Tracking System (VB Based & C-Lang).
110. Voice Control Home Appliance.
111. Library Management using 10 channels.
112. LPG gas detector Alarms.
113. Appliance controlled using mobile phone.
114. Rolling LED-using SMD.
115. Two Wheeler Security Systems.
116. Motioning And Controlling of deferments Parameters.
117. Finger Prints Based Inhibition system For CAR system.
118. RFID Based Attendance Systems using PC Base and micro controller.
119. RFID Based gate control using PC Base and micro controller.
120. Digital stethoscope with timer and LCD interface.
121. Voice control System Home Appliance.
122. Voice Security And Real-time process using (MATLAB).
123. Voice Control PC Operate.
124. DTMF Controlled Railway Reservations System.
125. EEG Amplifier.
126. Multiple Frequency Generators.
127. A Surprisingly Accurate Digital LC Meter.
128. Electronics Stethoscope
129. PIC Base Tape Measure.(Micro controlled ultrasonic distance calculate data recording and foregrounds masking).
130. Digital PID Controller (closing the loop with a PIC).
131. The Hart mate Heart Rate Monitors.
132. Heart Beat Monitors.
133. Solar Power Charging.
134. Variable Power Supply.0-24V,1A or 2A.
135. Multi Event Alarm Clock.
136. Solar Charging Regulators.
137. Aquatic quality control of water using PH Meter, Temp., Level, Muddy, Sulfur testing.
138. Earth Resistively Logger.
139. Thumbs scanner (Bio-matrix device) Base attendance using VB6.
140. Alternative Power Regulators.
141. PIC Watering Timers.
142. PIC LCF Meters.
143. Micro-PIC scope.
144. Home and Office Security 89C51 Based.
145. 12 Channel IR Remote.
146. 8 Analog I/P ADC Using 89C52.
147. Voice Controlled Home Appliance.
148. Earth Fault Protectors.
149. RF Transceivers based Security System.
150. Bio-directional visitors convector.
151. Designing Embedded System to Print Text File stored IN EPROM without using PC.
152. Embedded Control based Intelligent DTMF Switching System.
153. 3 Phase Motor Induction Controlled by PC.
154. PIC based Quick Steppe Stepper Motor Controller.
155. Serial I/O Controller and Analogue Sampler.
156. Timekeeper once using a PIC 16F84.
157. USB Data Acquisition.
158. Burglar Alarm with individual sensor signaling.
159. CMOS Crystal Frequency Multiplier.
160. Data Logger deluxe.
161. Over-Temperature Alert.
162. Wind Speed Meter Interface to pc and LCD Display.
163. Digital Inspector (four-channel logic analyzer).
164. Remote Light Control With Dimmer (RF Base ).
165. Super Motion Sensor using micro-controller and LDR .


ALU Design
Universal Shifter











Differential edge Router



1. 6-Channel IR Remote Volume Control
2. 10-Channel IR Remote Control Receiver
3. 12-channel Infrared Remote Control
4. 45-Second Voice Recorder Module
5. A Digital Thermometer-Thermostat
6. A Low-Cost 50MHz Frequency Meter
7. A Poor Man's Q Meter
8. A Programmable Continuity Tester
9. A Programmable PIC-Powered Timer
10. Active 3-Way Crossover for Loud Speaker Systems
11. Adjustable DC-DC Converter For Car
12. Alternative Power Regulator
13. Appliance Energy Meter
14. Bi-directional Motor Speed Controller
15. Big-Digit 12-24 Hour Clock
16. Build A V8 Doorbell
17. Water Level Indicator
18. AVR ISP [email protected] Programmer
19. Car Battery Monitor
20. Carbon Monoxide Alarm
21. Compact 0-80A Automotive Ammeter
22. Controlled Automatic Table Lamp Dimmer
23. Courtesy Light Delay For Cars
24. Digital Instrument Display for Cars
25. Driving Light and Accessory Protector for Cars
26. ESR Meter
27. Fridge-Door Open Alarm
28. Inductance & Q-Factor Meter,
29. IR Remote Control Checker
30. Lapel microphone adaptor for PA systems
31. Long-Range 4-Channel UHF Remote Control
32. Long-range 16-channel Remote Control System
33. PIC Controlled 32-LED Knight-Ridder
34. Picaxe-18X 4-channel data logger
35. PICAXE Application Special PICAXE Telephone
36. PICAXE- Part 9 Keyboards 101
37. Poor Man's Metal Locator
38. Portable PIC Programmer
39. Printer Port Hardware Simulator
40. Programmable Flexi timer
41. Receiver For Radio Amateurs - Part 2
42. Remote Volume Control For the Ultra-LD Amplifier
43. Rolling Code 4-Channel UHF Remote Control
44. serial l6 Stepper Motor Controller
45. A Lap Counter For Swimming Pools
46. Low Cost 1HZ 10MHz Function Generator
47. Single-Channel Light Dimmer
48. SMS Controller
49. Sunset Switch
50. Supercharger For NiCd & NiMH Batteries
51. Telephone Dialer For Burglar Alarms
52. The Cool master Fridge-Freezer Temperature Controller
53. Versatile Multi-Mode Timer
54. 1-A Programmable Continuity Tester
55. 4 Digit Crystal-Controlled Timing Module

MATLAB based Projects

1. Image Restoration using Iterative Wiener Filter.
2. RIVA- Real Time Image Viewing and Acquisition.
3. Facial Recognition
4. Number Plate Recognition.
5. Speaker recognition using MEL frequency
6. Still image compression using JPEG/JPEG 2000.
7. Image Enhancement.
8. Character recognition using ANN (Artificial Neural Network)
9. Error detection in Digital communication (Channel encoder and decoder)
10. ANN based load shedding
11. Motion detector using MATLAB
12. JPEG Encoder
13. CBIR System
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1.Spectral Analysis based Speed Measurement and Control
2.Vibration Analyzer
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numebr 89: PID controller
i am working on muerical optimization of PID controller
please if u have any enough info, please forward to my mail -- luckyvasul[at]

thanks in advance
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12. Speed control of DC Shunt motor using Micro-controller


Can i get more information on this project.
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to get information about the topic electronics and instrumentation full report ppt, and related topics refer the link bellow

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