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CH.S.ELLARAO (07765A1004)

CHIRANJEEVI.N (06761A1012)

CH.HARISH REDDY( 06761A1015)




The Main objective of this project is to authenticate and to maintain attendance by collecting fingerprints using fingerprint sensors.

Nowadays accurate personal identification is becoming more and more important. Usual means (smart cards, passwords¦) have shown their limits. Currently fingerprint recognition is the most widely used technique for personal identification.

The use of ink and paper to get an image from a finger was used for a long time, but technological advances have enabled to automate the acquisition stage by means of solid-state sensors.

These sensors exploit different techniques to acquire the image (pressure, electrical field, temperature¦) and require a static (matrix sensor) or mobile finger position (sweeping mode sensor).

The project is developed with 3 level securities, i.e. to provide the authentication here an ID, password and finger print are required. The project contains 2 modes, the first one is master mode and the second is user mode.
The fingerprint sensor sense the thumb impression of the particular person and that image will be registered with username and password in fingerprint sensor module.

This project is developed on microcontroller (89S52). The fingerprint sensor is serially interfaced to the microcontroller via MAX232 IC.

The fingerprint sensor sense the thumb impression of the corresponding person and that image will be compared with registered image and if the both images are unique, then the microcontroller activates particular task like authenticating an image, identification of the employee etc which also maintains the attendance record of each and every employee.

The process of authentication is done by entering username and password by using a keypad.


FIM10 is a stand-alone Fingerprint Recognition Device with many excellent features. It provides the high recognition performance, the low power dissipation and the RS-232 serial interface with the simple protocol for easy integration into a wide range of applications. It is a durable and compactable device and made into a fingerprint recognition module with NITGEN optics-based fingerprint sensor.


1.Door-Lock System
2. Safe Box
3.Simple Access Controller
4. Vehicle Control
5. ATM, POS, and mor e

Fingerprint Identification Module) is an evolutionary standalone fingerprint recognition module consisted of optic sensor and processing board. Its voltage is so low(3.3V) enough to implement a series of 23,000 authentication consuming 4 piece of AA batteries and executes average 1.2 seconds of high speed authentication. As CPU and highly upgraded algorithm are embedded into a module, it provides high recognition ratio even to small-size, wet, dry, calloused fingerprint.  Due to technologies of simple and robust hardware design and including keypad function of the existed DK in one board, it can be executed to develop viable applications and perform user enrollment and authentication needed for fingerprint recognition without a connection to PC.


Built-in fingerprint authentication .
Various authentication using 1:1/1:N matching and
Convenient DK without a connection to PC.
Accurate authentication ratio even to small-size/wet/dry
Fast acquisition of difficult finger types under virtually any
Economical due to low voltage consumption

MAX 232:

1. The MAX232 is a dual driver/receiver that includes a capacitive voltage generator to supply EIA-232 voltage levels from a single 5-V supply.
2. Each receiver converts EIA-232 inputs to 5-V TTL/CMOS levels.
3. These receivers have a typical threshold of 1.3 V and a typical hysteresis of 0.5 V, and can accept ±30- V inputs.
4. Each driver converts TTL/CMOS input levels into EIA-232 levels. The driver, receiver, and voltage- generator function
Operate With Single 5-V Power Supply
Operate Up to 120 kbit/s
Two Drivers and Two Receivers
Low Supply Current . . . 8 mA Typical
Designed to be Interchangeable With
Maxim MAX232
± 30-V Input Levels


The AT89C52 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer with 8K
bytes of Flash programmable and erasable read only memory (PEROM). The device
is manufactured using Atmelâ„¢s high-density nonvolatile memory technology and is
compatible with the industry-standard 80C51 and 80C52 instruction set and pinout.
The on-chip Flash allows the program memory to be reprogrammed in-system or by a
conventional nonvolatile memory programmer. By combining a versatile 8-bit CPU
with Flash on a monolithic chip, the Atmel AT89C52 is a powerful microcomputer
which provides a highly-flexible and cost-effective solution to many embedded control


Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have materials which combine the properties of both liquids and crystals. Rather than having a melting point, they have a temperature range within which the molecules are almost as mobile as they would be in a liquid, but are grouped together in an ordered form similar to a crystal.
An LCD consists of two glass panels, with the liquid crystal material sand witched in between them. The inner surface of the glass plates are coated with transparent electrodes which define the character, symbols or patterns to be displayed polymeric layers are present in between the electrodes and the liquid crystal, which makes the liquid crystal molecules to maintain a defined orientation angle


Comprehensive organization
Employee database
Finger registration
Leave policies
Attendance Calculator
Daily Attendance
Hourly Attendance Summary
Tracking of Late Coming
Tracking of Early going
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please send me fingrprint recognition report of word doc
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Thumbs Up 
Please, do you can send me the word document of fingerprint? rossilucianod[at]
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plz send me the full project materials at tribeni.88[at]
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hi... can u send me the full report of your project.And also the details of components used.
please send the full report of ur project and details of components used in that to ash_harsha[at]
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A fingerprint is the feature pattern of one finger (Figure 1.1.1). It is believed with strong evidences that each fingerprint is unique. Each person has his own fingerprints with the permanent uniqueness. So fingerprints have being used for identification and forensic investigation for a long time.
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i wanted the word document n block diagram of this project.
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pls send the program

pls send program for the project .and full report pls
Post: #9
hi can u give me the matlab code for this project at
abidraza8[at] please,
Post: #10
please download attached file for more details.
Post: #11
where to contact? cant understand?
Post: #12
hey abidraza8 ,
do you ant ready made project kit?
Post: #13
am doing MCA, i need to do project ,
I'm decide to do fingerprint attendance system project please
could you help me please ,
my mail:- mohnmca[at]

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there is a related thread on fingerprint attendance system. please go through the following link.
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heart fully THANKS....
can u suggest me for finding source code in C# or java or j2ee
now am try with C#
please now am doing individually...
am in very confuse situaton....
pls suggest me...
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do you mean string search in c# if yes

class StringSearch
    static void Main()
        string str = "A silly sentence used for silly purposes.";

        bool test1 = str.StartsWith("a silly");
        System.Console.WriteLine("starts with 'a silly'? {0}", test1);

        bool test2 = str.StartsWith("a silly", System.StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase);
        System.Console.WriteLine("starts with 'a silly'? {0} (ignoring case)", test2);

        bool test3 = str.EndsWith(".");
        System.Console.WriteLine("ends with '.'? {0}", test3);

        int first = str.IndexOf("silly");
        int last = str.LastIndexOf("silly");
        string str2 = str.Substring(first, last - first);
        System.Console.WriteLine("between two 'silly' words: '{0}'", str2);
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can you please send me the full report of the finger print project. my email is emyemmy[at]


Solomon Emmanuel
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hi anna your project persentation (ppt)i need.DodgyBlush
hi respected friend. in need your ppt..........
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hello plse send project details about
A Model-Based Approach to Evaluation of the Efficacy of FEC Coding in Combating Network Packet Losses
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hi yamu,
more on the topic you need is in the following thread.
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please send me the full report of "FINGER PRINT PROJECT"[/size][/font]
Post: #23
visit this page please..
Post: #24
sir i need the details abt how to connect finger print reader in my web application????????
Post: #25
can i get d ckt diag of it plz

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