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Hospital Management System
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I am studying in 6th sem of B.E. & I am doing doing mini project on Hospital Management System for small scale hospital managemnt if u have any idea regarding this or if u have any coding please send me.
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you can visit these links for some information in this topic. You can find ideas about how to code the project:
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I remember the time when we make our project about hospital management system. Actually, it takes a lot of time in order you to finish that project. You conduct feasibility study or sampling scheme in order to come up with your system.
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check it out for getting more details about Hospital Management System ,,,hope you will get the idea...
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dEAR sIR ,Plz guide me for HMS Project
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Hospital Management System: This application manages the different hospital activities like registration of patients, maintaining patient case history,Billing History, managing doctor appointments,medicine details.
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Analysis is a detailed study of various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside the system. During analysis, data are collected on the available files, decision points and transactions handled by the present system. Interviews, on-site observation and questionnaire are the tools used for system analysis. Using the following steps it becomes easy to draw the exact boundary of the new system under consideration:
All procedures, requirements must be analyzed and documented in the form of detailed data flow diagrams (DFD), data dictionary, logical data structures and miniature specifications. System analysis also includes sub-dividing of complex process involving the entire system, identification of data store and manual processes.
The main purpose of analysis activity is to clearly understand the exact requirements of the system and eliminates the entire problem: inconsistency and its completeness of the existing system


• Patient reception
In case of an emergency the receptionist will collect patient information like name, age and address and whether they want to consult a doctor to their wish. If that doctor is not available, receptionistwill suggest a doctor’s name. If the case is serious, he is directly sent to the casualty and after the initial checkup he will be referred to the appropriate department doctors.

• Outpatient registration
After the patient reception OP card issued. The patient funds the op registration fees at the registration. The consulting fee is different for different doctors. The OP card is valid for a particular duration. If the patient comes after this duration, the card will be renewed. Then the details collected from the patient are recorded.
• Inpatient admission
.The patient will be admitted in hospital if needed, by the doctor .
• Room/ward
There are 2 sections. General ward and room.
• Billing
Only when a patient is discharge from a hospital a bill is prepared. It includes room rent, doctor‘s charge and soon.
• Discharge
A patient is discharged only when the doctor suggests. The dues will be cleared.

• Lab test
Depending on the disease and symptoms, the doctor will suggest for the required test for patient.


1. Lack of immediate retrievals: -The information is very difficult to retrieve and to find particular information like- E.g. - To find out about the patient’s history, the user has to go through various registers. This results in inconvenience and wastage of time.
2. Lack of immediate information storage: - The information generated by various transactions takes time and efforts to be stored at right place.
3. Lack of prompt updating: - Various changes to information like patient details or immunization details of child are difficult to make as paper work is involved.
4. Error prone manual calculation: - Manual calculations are error prone and take a lot of time this may result in incorrect information. For example calculation of patient billing based on various treatments.
5. Preparation of accurate and prompt reports: - This becomes a difficulttask as information is difficult to collect from various registers.


The main objective of the proposed system is to overcome the drawbacks in the manual system. Also some modifications have to make it a simple and user friendly. Redundancy, inconsistency and storage of large amount of data extraction for generating a variety of reports are the factors in the manual system. This form is the basic for the development of proposed system. High speed and accuracy are the main features of the proposed system over the manual system.


• Planned approach towards working: - The working in the organization will be well planned and organized. The data will be stored properly in data stores, which will help in retrieval of information as well as its storage.
• Accuracy: - The level of accuracy in the proposed system will be higher. All operation would be done correctly and it ensures that whatever information is coming from the center is accurate.
• Reliability: - The reliability of the proposed system will be high due to the above stated reasons. The reason for the increased reliability of the system is that now there would be proper storage of information.
• No Redundancy: - In the proposed system utmost care would be that no information is repeated anywhere, in storage or otherwise. This would assure economic use of storage space and consistency in the data stored.
• Immediate retrieval of information: - The main objective of proposed system is to provide for a quick and efficient retrieval of information. Any typeof information would be available whenever the user requires.
• Immediate storage of information: - In manual system there are manyproblems to store the largest amount of information.
• Easy to Operate: - The system should be easy to operate and should be such that it can be developed within a short period of time and fit in the limited budget of the user.


Requirements Analysis is the process of understanding the customer needs and expectations from a proposed system or application and is a well-defined stage in the Software Development Life Cycle model.
Requirements are a description of how a system should behave or a description of system properties or attributes. It can alternatively be a statement of ‘what’ an application is expected to do.
Given the multiple levels of interaction between users, business processes and devices in global corporations today, there are simultaneous and complex requirements from a single application, from various levels within an organization and outside it as well.
The Software Requirements Analysis Process covers the complex task of eliciting and documenting the requirements of all these users, modeling and analyzing these requirements and documenting them as a basis for system design.
A dedicated and specialized Requirements Analyst is best equipped to handle the job. The Requirements Analysis function may also fall under the scope of Project Manager, Program Manager or Business Analyst, depending on the organizational hierarchy.


Processor : Dual core
Hard disk : 20 GB
Ram : 1GB
Cd drive : 52x
Input device: keyboard, mouse & web camera


Operating system : windows7
Backend : MicrosoftSQL server 2005
Front end :
Design tool : Microsoft visual studio


Preliminary investigations examine project feasibility, the likelihood the system organization. All projects are feasible-given unlimited resources and infinite time. Unfortunately, the development of a computer-based system or product is more likely plagued by a scarcity of resource and difficult delivery dates. It is boat necessary and prudent to evaluate the feasibility of the project at the earliest possible time. Feasibility and risk analysis are related in many ways. Three important tests of feasibility are studied and described below

Economics feasibility is an important task of system analysis. A system that can be developed technically and that can be developed technically and that will be used if installed must still be profitable for the organization. Financial benefits must be equal or exceed the cost. The analysis raises financial and economic questions during the preliminary investigation to estimates the following to estimates the following.
1. The cost of conduct a full system investigation
2. The error benefit in the form of reduced cost or fewer costly errors.
3. The cost if nothing changes to be, judged feasible, a proposal for the specific project must pass all these tests, otherwise it is not considered as feasible project.

Proposed project are beneficial only if they can be turned into information systems that will. Meet the operating requirements of the organization. This test of feasibility asks if the system will work when it is developed and installed. This project satisfies all the operational conditions.
There are a number of technical issued when are generally raised during the feasibility stage of the investigation. A study of function, performance and constraints may affect the ability to achieve an acceptable system. The considerations that are normally that are normally associated to technical feasibility include:
1. Development risk
2. Resource availability
3. Technology


Entities are the objects of significance for the organization about which information needs to be known. The main entities of our project are
1. User
2. Administrator.

1. User:
The hospital staffs are the users in this software
With user name and password, users can login to the software
Details regarding outpatients are stored.
Details of admitted persons are stored.
User can recollect all stored details.
User can add the test amount into patient bills.
User can add the medicine charges into patient bills.
Video conferencing
User can communicate with another person through internet.
2. Administrator
Administrator Login is used only for the administrative purpose of the system. This login can be used only by the administrator, who accepts or deny access to the user.

Administrator can only set& reset the setting of the software
Id card creation
Id card for hospital staffs are created by the administrator.


The most creative and challenge phase of the system life cycle is system design . System design is a solution a ‘how’ to approach to the creation of a new system. This important phase is composed of several steps. They provide the understanding and procedural details necessary for implementing the system recommended in the feasibility study. Emphasis is translating the performance requirements into design specification. The design phase is a transition from a user oriented document to a documented oriented to the programmers or database personal. This phase is including input and output design and basics of form design.
There are two different categories in design phase. They are physical design of the system and logical design of the system. Define the system in terms of the user system specification is called logical system definition. First the system objectives are achieved logically, and then only design portions will convert into physical terms.
In logical system definition a number of factors have been considered
• The analyst must clarify the specific objectives of the design process
• The result of the analysis must be converted into an outline of the outfits for and input the system
• It is necessary to structure the data , which will need to be stored in order to procedure the outputs

• It is necessary to consider the nature of the processing need to met the user requirements


The op module deals with functions of out patients. They are
• Op registration
• Op consultation

 Op registration sub modules
The function of this module of registration of new patient in the op .The registration form with patient’s data. The patients can select the desired doctors for consultation. And also OP card issued.
 Op consultation sub module
This is designed to update op renewal and consultations. The op number is used to search for patient data.
Admission of patient maintenance of the IP register, discharge of patient and IP billing are handled by this module. The sub modules are
• IP admission
• IP bills

* IP admission sub module
There are two primary options in addition. That is to admit a patient already having an IP registration or to admit a new patient as IP .in the first case function is to search with op number and show all available patient data. Additional information needed is then entered in IP register. For a new patient new IP number is generated and will relevant data are accepted.
In this module will inpatients are listed. The user can select patient for discharge. While proceeding with discharge summary is entered
* IP bills sub module
The IP number is used to search for patients data. Then validity for current registration is verified by checking data of last renewal in IP registration. And calculate the total fee and balance fee of the patient.


This module has the following sub modules
• Room / ward information
• Doctors information
• Test information
• Op information
• IP information

• Room / ward information
To display which room / bed is free and which occupied.
• Doctors information
List the name of all doctors and there name ,id ,section and consultation free are displayed .
• Test information
To display the test details. Test name and cost of the test are included.
• Op information
To display op information
• Ip information
To display ip information


This module relates to the generation of reports needed for system setting.
This module relates to the testing.
This module related to creating ID card for hospital staff.
This module offer video communication through internet.
This module deals medicine cost of a patient from the hospital

to get more information, report,ppt and related article about Hospital Management System please refer below pages
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hay i want uml diagrams on hospital management ystem can u send to my mail[/font]
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to get information about the topic hospital management system full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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to get information about the topic" hospital managenment" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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to get information about the topic "hospital management system" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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