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mobile agent
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I want more information abt mobile agent topic
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Mobile agents are programs that can migrate from host to host in a heterogeneous
network, at times and to places of their own choosing. The state of the running program is saved, transported to the new host, and restored, allowing the program to continue where it left off. a software agent is a program that can exercise an individual's or organization's authority, work autonomously toward a goal, and meet and interact with other agents.

Mobile agent technology offers a new computing situation in which a
program, in the form of a software agent, can suspend its execution on a host computer, transfer itself to another agent-enabled host on the network, and resume execution on the new host. Today's mobile agents can range from simple distributed objects to highly organized software with embedded intelligence. It has brought in a situation allowing complete mobility of cooperating applications among supporting platforms to form a large-scale, loosely-coupled distributed system.
. The implementations are varied. simple agent written as a Java applet has mobility of code through the movement of class files from a web server to a web browser. In the contrast, Aglets developed at IBM Japan, builds upon Java to allow the values of instance variables, but not the program counter or execution stack, to be conveyed along with the code as the agent relocates.Another system at Uty of Maryland allows Java threads to be conveyed along with the agent's code during

MASIPE is designed for monitoring parallel applications by means of mobile agents. It provides a platform for executing agent-based programs in each computing node where the parallel program is being executed. The agent is executed sharing the same memory space than the parallel program thus it is able to read program variables and modify its value. Also the
mobile agent includes code for executing user-defined operations on each compute node. All these operations are performed asynchronously without interrupting the normal program execution. All these information is collected in the agent private memory space, transferred along the agent itinerary computer nodes and finally kept and presented in the
front-end Graphical User Interface.

for a system implementaton using mobile agents, visit:

Full seminars report:
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Niranjan Suri

Definition of Software Agents
 Computer program
 Autonomous behavior
 Represents some entity
 Has authority (delegation)
 Reacts and learns about environment
 Communicates using high-level Agent Communication Languages (ACLs)
Mobile Agents

– Software agents
– Move from one computer to another
 User-directed or autonomous
Characterizing Mobility
 Three capabilities
– Mobile code
– Mobile computation
– Mobile state
 Various combinations are possible
Mobile Code
 Allows executable code to be moved to a new host
 May use the push or pull model
– Pull: Applets
– Push: Remote Installation
 Mobile agents use push
– Sometimes, an agent push may result in a code pull
 Code may be binary (intermediate or native) or source
 Advantages:
– Dynamically change capabilities
 Download new code to add / change / update capabilities of platform
 Remove code when no longer needed
 Problems:
– Security concerns due to untrusted / unchecked code
 Code could be malicious, buggy, and/or tampered
Mobile Computation
 Evolution of Remote Computation
– RPC, RSH, RMI, Servlets, Stored Procedures, CORBA
 Allows one system to run a computation on another system
 Utilize resources on remote system
– CPU, memory
 Access resources on remote system
– Files, databases, etc.
Mobile State
 Evolution of State Capture
– Checkpointing
 Allows execution state of a process to be captured and moved
 State may be machine specific or machine independent
 May contain
– State of single or multiple threads
– Code
Strong Mobility
 Move execution state with agent
 Why is it important?
– Computationally equivalent to weak mobility
– However, simpler, more natural abstraction
– Therefore, easier to write mobile agents
 More importantly –
mobile state allows
forced mobility
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In computer science, a mobile agent is a composition of computer software and data which is able to migrate (move) from one computer to another autonomously and continue its execution on the destination computer.
Mobile Agent, namely, is a type of software agent, with the feature of autonomy, social ability, learning, and most important,mobility.
When the term mobile agent is used, it refers to a process that can transport its state from one environment to another, with its data intact, and still being able to perform appropriately in the new environment. Mobile agents decide when and where to move next, which is evolved from RPC. So how exactly does a mobile agent move? Just like a user doesn t really visit a website but only make a copy of it, a mobile agent accomplishes this move through data duplication. When a mobile agent decides to move, it saves its own state and transports this saved state to next host and resume execution from the saved state.
Mobile agents are a specific form of mobile code and software agents paradigms. However, in contrast to the Remote evaluation and Code on demand paradigms, mobile agents are active in that they may choose to migrate between computers at any time during their execution. This makes them a powerful tool for implementing distributed applications in a computer network.
2) Asynchronous execution on multiple heterogeneous network hosts
3) Dynamic adaptation - actions are dependent on the state of the host environment
4) Tolerant to network faults - able to operate without an active connection between client and server
5) Flexible maintenance - to change an agent s actions, only the source (rather than the computation hosts) must be updated
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want to read more about mobile agent... then read this

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