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nanotechnology cooling full report
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Nanolighting can be used to cool future computers
Possible by using a classic corona wind effect
This is developed by the engineers in the Purdue University


What is nanotechnology
It should let us to
Get essentially every atom in the right place
Make almost any structure
Reduce the manufacturing costs

Concepts of nanotechnology

1. Positional assembly
2. Massive parallelism
3. Convergent assembly

Positional assembly
-manipulating and positioning individual atoms and molecules
Massive parallelism
-lots of robotic arms are required to assemble large molecular parts and this is made possible by massive parallelism
Convergent assembly
-vast number of small parts are assembled by vast number of small robotic arms into larger parts

Carbon nanotube science and technology
Carbon nanotubes are fullerene related structures
Consist of graphene cylinders closed at either end with caps containing pentagonal rings
Discovered by Japanese electron microscopist Sumio Iijima
Thomas Ebberson showed how nanotubes can be made in bulk quantities

Single layer nanotubes

Synthesis of nanotubes was done in 1993
Standard arc-evaporation method produces only multilayered tubes
By adding cobalt to graphite electrodes , extremely fine tubes with single layer walls can be produced
Alternate method of preparing single-walled nanotubes was described by Smallyâ„¢s group in 1996
Similar to the method of preparing C60
Involves laser vaporization of graphite
Resulted in high yield of single-walled tubes
This tubes had a tendency to form aligned bundles
These bundles are called nanotube ropes
Synthesis of nanotube ropes gave an important boost to nanotube research

Some of the impressive works by nanotube ropes are


Cooling process

Voltage is passed into the electrodes, causing the negatively charged nanotubes to discharge electrons towards the positively charged electrodes
The electrons react with surrounding air , causing the air molecules to be ionized just as electrons in the atmosphere ionized
This ionization of air leads to an imbalance of charge
It will result in lightning bolts
The ionized air molecules cause currents
Clouds of ions are created when electrons react with air
It can be attracted by the second region of electrodes and pumped forward by changing the voltages in these electrodes
Voltages are rapidly switched from one electrode to the next in such a way that the clouds of ion move forward and produce a cooling breeze
They are switching at the right frequency so that the ion cloud is constantly moving forward
While moving forward they make repeated collisions with neutral molecules producing the breeze
Contains electrodes made of many series
Each series contains three electrodes
The first in the series is the most positively followed by an electrode switching
The voltages from one electrode to the next causes the charges that has a less positive charge and then a third electrode that is negative to move forward which in turn moves the ion clouds
The entire design will be integrated into a chip ,that is 10mm by 10mm

Cool chips

Cool chips are compact electronic devices similar in appearance with computer chips
When electric current is applied , one side of the chip become hot and other become cold
cool chips

Present cooling methods

Large passive heat sinks
CPU cooling fans
PC water cooling system

Large passive heat sink
Heat sinks are heavy pieces of aluminium with large fines or spikes on it .Heat sinks disburse the heat from the CPU ,but they are the most rudimentary solution available . While they are reliable they may not be effective
CPU cooling fans
Cooling fans are the most popular cooling method of processor cooling. Fans are more effective than heat sinks
PC water cooling system
PC water cooling system is like radiators for computer cases .They have two draw backs .
1. They are quite expensive
2. If they crack system is shot


The creation as well as cooling is all happening on one chip
If the method can be perfected , it will introduce a major new cooling technology for laptop and desktop computers that are quiet ,low cost and reliable
The ion driven cooling device represent a way to increase cooling capacity in laptops, meaning they could use higher performance chips that generate too much heat for current laptops
More than one of the devices can be placed on a single chip, multiplying the degree of cooling


In future we will be able to snap together the fundamental building blocks of nature easily, inexpensively and in most of the ways permitted by the laws of physics .It finds applications in laptop computers, cell phones, sensing systems and many other types of portable microelectronics. It will also let us to fabricate an entire new generation of products that are cleaner ,stronger, lighter and more precise
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i need material on nanotechnology cooling
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pls send me nano technology of cooling full report
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plz send me the nanotechnology full report
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i need the full report of nano technology cooling plzzz mail me to reddyanil61[at]

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