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Smart Paper
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a material that looks and feels very much like thick, glossy paper, but is actually a controllable display surface. It combines the advantages of paper and screen, and has countless applications. There are several ways to make Smart Paper. Some manufacturers use thousands of tiny spheres with one dark and one bright hemisphere embedded between thin polymer foils,others make sheets out of crystal particles that can assume a certain color and level of brightness and maintain it without power.

Normal Smart Paper is early TL8 and cannot change very quickly. Its surface can change many times per second, but not quick enough for video applications. The resolution of Normal Smart Paper is equal to that of a 20th century newspaper.

Normal Smart Paper has only very crude sensors to detect stylus movements on its surface. It can function as a simple touch screen, but writing can only be recognized with a Smart Pen, and it does not react very quickly. Users scribble on a small writing pad at the bottom of the page, which offers a quicker response.

Advanced Smart Paper is available at late TL8 or early TL9. Its resolution is like that of a modern high-quality art book, and it can change so quickly that it can be used to display video images in perfect quality.

Advanced Smart Paper has a fine latticework of sensors that can detect the movements on a stylus with a special electrically conductive tip a Smart Pen. The overall quality of handwriting recognition depends on the Computer attached to the Smart Paper sheet. See Handwriting Recognition below.

Smart paper requires only minute amounts of energy, and all this comes from a tiny solar cell in one of the corners of a page or on the cover. Smart Paper can maintain its content without energy, but the quality of the image degrades after a few months. GMs take note: The good old barely-legible treasure map, the mainstay of many adventure stories, makes its comeback in the computer age as Smart Paper that has been in a dark corner for too long.
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Topics of Discussion
Advantages & Disadvantages

Smart Paper is a material that looks and feels very much like
thick, glossy paper, but is actually a controllable display surface.
Invented by Nicholas Sheridon
It resembles paper in
Stores/displays an image
Can be viewed in reflective light
Has a wide viewing angle
Relatively inexpensive
SmartPaper is actually two sheets of thin mylar plastic sandwiching millions of tiny polymer beads randomly dispersed in an oily medium. Each of the beads are free to rotate within their cavities. Each bead is a hair-like 100 microns in diameter and has a different color on each half . The hemispheres are also charged differently (i.e. positive or negative) so that they exhibit an electrical dipole.
SmartPaper beads reside in their own cavities within the flexible
sheet of material.
When voltage is applied to the surface of the sheet, the beads rotate
according to the current to present one colored side to the viewer.
Adhesive forces between each bead and cavity wall require an
electrical threshold be exceeded before it will rotate. This makes an
image electrically "printed" onto the material stable and unchanging
until "erased" by another transmission.
Electrical signals can be applied to the SmartPaper sheets through
fixed surface electrodes or a moving stylus.
Applying electrical fields to the display surface changes the image on SmartPaper. A range of techniques will achieve this result.
In the least expensive option, the back plane contains several possible images or preprogrammed text and digit messages .
Which image or message is displayed can be controlled by either programming the sign to display a fixed sequence or a dynamically changeable sequence using special software and a wireless network.
There are two versions of Smart Paper:
Normal Smart Paper

cannot change very quickly.
Not suitable for video applications.
The resolution is equal to that of a 20th century newspaper.
Has only very crude sensors to detect stylus movements
Advanced Smart Paper
Can change so quickly.
Suitable for video application.
Resolution is like that of a modern high quality art book.
Has a fine latticework of sensors to detect the movements
SmartPaper owns several advantages
It's reflective, like paper. You don't need a backlight, can view it from an angle and in bright sunlight.
The screens can be tiled to create large signs, But unlike many current electronic signs, the messages can easily be changed periodically throughout the day.
Unlike a digital display that must be refreshed dozens of times
per second, electronic paper is "bi-stable." Therefore consumes less power
Displays made with SmartPaper generally do not degrade over time
and will last for years because the images are based on pigments
rather than dyes.
Signs made with SmartPaper have performed more than 5 million image changes without malfunction or fading.
Images displayed on SmartPaper are "held" indefinitely until a new
electrical signal is applied.
Resolution for SmartPaper is at least 100 dots per inch.Therefore images on Smartpaper are gray, grainy, and otherwise visually unimpressive.
The company is working on colored displays. But colored pigments,
which are needed to display the same charge properties as black
and white pigments, remain a technological hurdle.
It will never be as light as paper, Paper is about four mils thick; this
will always be 12 or 15 mils thick.
SmartPaper technology is well suited to a wide variety of other market applications, including displays and electronic books/newspapers.
Currently Smartpaper is finding its major use in Syncrosign
Message Board which is used for versatile and stylish display.
It combines Smartpaper with SignSync software,Gyricon’s unique messaging software.
The primary application for the SyncroSign Message Board is as a dynamic information display. Corporate, educational and hospitality can customize and control these eSigns throughout a large venue, via a wireless network.
SyncroSign Message Board provides accurate content; displaying daily agendas, seminars schedules, and other event information in corporate classrooms, conference rooms or hotel lobbies.
Smartpaper is capable of projecting simple images with text but in the future color photos and other graphics might become a reality for electronic paper.
Smartpaper is very useful for data derived from books.Future libraries may offer scanned images of books for download instead of lending books.It is useful as a replacement for hardcopy.
Space colonies with no cellulose to spare for paper will be glad for smartbooks.Smartbooks can store lots of data.
Data for smartbooks is produced and published digitally.
A future internet may have cores of “library sites” where people can download contents for their smartbook.
It makes graphics tablet unneccessary.

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