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a. ZigBee and The UPnP Expansion for Home Network Electrical Appliance Control on the Internet
b. Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition Systems in Environmental Monitoring
c. Development of ZigBee based Street Light Control System
d. ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network in Industrial Applications
e. A wireless design of low-cost irrigation system using ZigBee technology
f. Service Platform and Social Networking Service based on Peer-to-Peer Networking
g. Wireless joystick control for human adaptive mechatronics applications: Case trolley crane
h. ZigBee-based alarm system for pervasive healthcare in rural areas
i. Application of Wireless Technology for Industrial InstrumentationDynamic Integration of Zigbee Home Networks into Home Gateways Using OSGi Service Registry
j. Remote Power ON/OFF control & current measurement for Home Electric Outlets
k. based on a Low Power Embedded Board & Zigbee communication
l. ZigBee Device Control and Reliable Data Transmission in ZigBee Based Health Monitoring System
m. ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor networks and Its Applications in Industrial
n. Wireless Access Monitoring and Control system based on Digital Door lock
o. A ZigBee-Based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities
p. System for Measuring Power Supply Parameters with ZigBee Connectivity
a. Protected data communication with security alert using wireless personal area network
b. ZigBee based Data Monitoring and analysis for power station
c. Development of ZigBee based street light control system using ic protocol based RTC
d. ZigBee based GAS leak detection and data monitoring system
e. ZigBee based Monitoring system using Auto-dialer
f. Hand held multi parameter monitoring system
g. Secret message communication by code / de-code over wireless and LCD display for both sender and receiver
h. An On-line Monitoring system of temperature of conductors and fittings based on web SMS and ZIGBEE
i. File transfer between data communication equipment using ZigBee Networks
j. Real time passenger information system (RTPIS) using ZigBee Technology
k. PC controlled electrical load management by ZigBee wireless
l. PC to PC Network orientation using ZigBee
m. Remote-Controllable and Climate Adaptive Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on ZigBee Communication
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a) Zigbee-basedalarm system for pervasive healthcare in rural areas
b) A Multimodal Platform for Database Recording and Elderly People Monitoring
c) Development of pedestrian-to-vehicle communication system prototype for pedestrian safety using both wide-area and direct communication
d) Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance and ZigBee Control Functions for Omni Directional Mobile Robot
e) Forest Fire Detection System based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network
f) SmartWireless Temperature Data Logger Using IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Protocol
g) Wireless Body Area Network in a Ubiquitous Healthcare System for Physiological Signal Monitoring and Health Consulting
h) Zigbee based wireless sensor network and its application in Industrial
i) Wireless Sensor Network Patient monitoring system using sensor networks based on the Zigbee ratio
j) Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System based on Digital Door Lock
k) Patient Monitoring using GSM & Zigbee for Hospitals & Old age Homes
l) Design and Implementation ofZigBee based URC Applicable to Legacy
m) Home remote control network basedon Zigbee
n) Zigbee for building control wireless sensor networks
o) An On-line Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based on GSM SMS and Zigbee Zigbee
p) source route technology in Home application
q) A Comparative Study of Wireless Protocols Bluetooth, UWB, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi
r) The Emergence of Zigbee in building automation and Industrial Control
s) Custom wireless sensor network based on Zigbee
t) Robot Server with Zigbee Sensor Network Wireless Sensor Technologies for Automated Tracking and Monitoring of Construction Materials Utilizing
u) Design of Air pollution monitoring system using Zigbee n/w for Ubiquitous-city
v) AZigBee-Based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities
w) The Implementation of indoor location system to control Zigbee Home Networks
a) WirelessSensor Network Implementation of a USN-based disaster prevention system in Korea
b) School Zone Safety SystemBased on Wireless Sensor Network
c) Application of Zigbee for Pollution Monitoring Caused by Automobile Exhaust Gases
d) Design of a Water Environment Monitoring System Based on Zigbee and GPRS
e) Development of Zigbee Mobile Router for Supporting Network Mobility in Healthcare System
f) Electric Outlets based on a Low Power Embedded Board & Zigbee communication
g) Wireless Meter Reading System based on Zigbee Technology
h) Wireless Medical Interface using ZigBee and Bluetooth Technology
i) A Software Framework for Application Development using ZigBee Protocol
j) Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on ZigBee Communication
k) wireless network based on the combination of Zigbee and GPRS
l) ZigBee source route technology in home application
m) Zigbee Wireless SensorsNetwork based on Mod Bus Protocol
n) A Novel Medical Infusion Monitoring System Based on ZigBee
o) ZigBee Device Access Control & Reliable Data Transmission in ZigBeeBased Health Monitoring System
p) An energy saving solution Remote Power ON/OFF control & current measurement for Home
q) Wireless Healthcare Monitoring System for Home
r) An Implementation of an Underground Wireless Sensor Network using Zigbee
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Forest Fire Detection System based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network

i need project report on these topic
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hai can anyone provide a project report on "Remote controllable and energy saving room architecture"
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The purpose of this project is to operate the remote electrical appliances using fingerprint touch for domestic and industrial applications. Security is a major concern for industry or a firm. Recognizing the need for security in all the appliances we developed a fully automated security access system. Using finger print sensor module.
The sensor used here is a solid state fingerprint sensor that reliably captures finger print information. It is designed to integrate into devises for improved security and convenience. The sensor provides reliable quick and user friendly alternative to passwords and other forms of user authentication.
Zigbee is a wireless technology developed as an open global standard to address the unique needs of low-cost, low-power, wireless sensor networks. Zigbee is the set of specs built around the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol. As Zigbee is the upcoming technology in wireless field, we had tried to demonstrate its way of functionality and various aspects like kinds, advantages and disadvantages using a small application of controlling the any kind of electronic devices and machines. The Zigbee technology is broadly adopted for bulk and fast data transmission over a dedicated channel.
We make use of this device to construct an automatic security access control system the decision like opening or closing of the door taken by an onboard computer to which the fingerprint module is interfaced.
The controlling device of the whole system is a Microcontroller. This system consists of a Microcontroller in the centralized system to which finger print sensor module. Zigbee are interfaced input and output port of the microcontroller is interfaced with different input and output modules depending on the requirements. In other words, microcontroller is a communication medium for all modules involved in the project. To perform this task the Microcontroller is programmed using Embedded C language.
This project provides us with the learning’s on the following aspects:
1. Finger print module.
2. Interfacing finger print with Microcontroller.
3. Zigbee Technology.
4. Interfacing Zigbee modules to Microcontroller.
5. Embedded C programming.
6. PCB designing.
The major building blocks of this project are:
1. Regulated power supply.
2. Microcontrollers
3. Finger print module.
4. Zigbee modules.
5. Reset.
6. LED Indicators.
7. Stepper motor with driver
Software’s used:
1. PIC-C compiler for Embedded C programming.
2. PIC kit 2 programmer for dumping code into Micro controller...
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Hey!i would like to know much about passive RFID based on zigbee.can you help me?
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I am a Final year BTech (Electronics & Comm) student..

I looked through your list of projects based on Zigbee Technology(fantastic)

Can i get complete report or a detailed report which would help me make my final year project.
I have sorted some project titles below
1)ZigBee based GAS leak detection and data monitoring system
2)System for Measuring Power Supply Parameters with ZigBee Connectivity
3)ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor networks and Its Applications in Industrial
4)Wireless Access Monitoring and Control system based on Digital Door lock

else if you have anything else in mind that could guide me in doing my final year project..i would be very much thankful..

Hoping to hear from you soon..

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plz give me full data of project plzzzzzzzzzzzz
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to get information about the topic"ZIGBEE BASED PROJECTS" please refer the link bellow
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to get information about the topic zigbee full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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Wireless Mesh Network
Low Cost And Low Power Technology
Run by Zigbee Alliance


Short range, low complexity and low data speed
High maintenance cost
Low transmission reliability
low network stability


Home Entertainment and Control —home automation smart lighting, advanced temperature control, safety and security, movies and music
Wireless Sensor Networks'
Industrial control,
Embedded sensing,
Medical data collection,
Smoke and intruder warning,
Building automation.

Important Note..!

If you are not satisfied with above reply ,..Please


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